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曼基厨电  为你而生




Corporate profile

Established Changzhi City, Shanxi Province in 2013, Eslite Trading Co., Ltd., Initially involved in manufacturing and sales of flavored daily chemicals and registered trademarks in 2015, "Carl moral character". Used in brand R&D and promotion. 

In 2016, the company was established in Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park. Carl Lab entered the field of kitchen appliances and changed its name to Carl Mannkit's R&D base in 2017. During this period, it received strong support from the Italian Bimardesign team. At present, it has applied to the Patent Office of the State Intellectual Property Office for electrical appliances and has 12 patents for appliances. 


Company profile


​We use our actions to promote our core values of ethics and integrity in order to advance our business. Being a socially and environmentally responsible company is an important part of Mannkit's business philosophy. We believe that employees will regard their work as their own business and based on the customer's position to actively work hard and research innovation. For this purpose, we provide employees with ample opportunities to achieve meaningful differences in their daily work.


​Our goal is to ensure the safety of the entire R&D and production supply chain working environment while providing high quality, durable products, employees are respected, and environmental awareness is embodied in the manufacturing process.

​We believe that in this world, integrity is an action rather than a slogan. To this end, we created the Carl Mannkit R&D Lab and joined forces with the world's leading technical team, which made our products more professional, reliable and accurate.

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